– Advice to rent sound equipment and LED screens.
– Assembly and installation of equipment.
– Assembly and installation of structures.
– Technical staff for events development.
– Graphic Design.

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Led lighting

– Sale and distribution of LED lighting products.
– Lights, fluorescent, downlights, projectors, bells, sconces, lanterns, profiles and strips led, lights ….
– Projects as LED lighting.
– Ranges led lighting for home, tertiary sector, professional, decoration, exterior, industrial, road.
– Products customizable led to businesses.
– Study of energy saving.

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– Installation and maintenance of ITS equipment and safety.
– Implementation and project management.
– Start Up and technical solutions.
– Toll systems.
– Assistance and on-site repair.
– Repair lab.
– Software/Firmware departament.

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LED screens

– Custom projects.
– Turnkey.
– Own technical service.
– Installation, start up and maintenance.
– Structures.
– Repairs.
– Software departament.

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We specific solutions

We provide our customers cost savings derived from energy savings. LED lighting implies a distinct improvement in the quality and aesthetics of lighting, while bringing benefits in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, providing savings of up to more than 80% in electricity bill.

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